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Diecast Republic creates a hub for car culture in San Antonio, Texas.

Diecast Republic is known for its friendly service, extensive selection of diecast, and fun car culture.

San Antonio's Diecast Superstore

Diecast Republic is a Hot Wheels and diecast collectible superstore located in San Antonio, Texas, and the ultimate place to buy Hot Wheels and popular diecast brands.  

Huge Selection of Inventory

We carry a huge selection of Hot Wheels and other collectible diecast brands including Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Johnny Lightning, Auto World, M2 Machines, Jada, Kaido House, Mini GT, Greenlight, Hot Wheels Premiums, and more. 

Hub for San Antonio Car Culture

We welcome you to all our virtual and in-person events and shopping experiences. Please reach out to us through social media or this website with any questions or comments. Follow our social channels for the latest news and updates.

Redlines, Convention Series, Treasure Hunts, Chase and more!

Diecast car collectors of all ages will enjoy shopping at Diecast Republic, where they can find Hot Wheels Red Line Convention Series cars, vintage Matchbox, Treasure Hunt Series, raws, M2 Chase Vehicles, and other rare and unusual pieces.


Diecast Republic T-Shirts

We sell sealed cases of Hot Wheels, M2 Machines, Greenlight, and more!

Looking for sealed cases of Hot Wheels, Matchbox, Greenlight, and other diecast brands? Diecast Republic sells sealed cases of all our major diecast brands. 

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Diecast Republic

Diecast Superstore in San Antonio

San Antonio Hot Wheels & Diecast Superstore, Where the Pegs are Always Loaded!


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Diecast Republic is the ultimate Hot Wheels and Diecast car destination and online retail store. 

We’re located inside the north 1604 loop in San Antonio, Texas.

It’s a great place to buy Hot Wheels toy cars and and collectibles like the 1963 Corvette, the Camaro Z-28 vintage blue card 1980’s Camaro Z-28,  as well as the newest Hot Wheels releases.    

Many diecast collectors are attracted M2 Machine square body trucks like the 1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne 10.  The more rare  1973 Chevrolet Cheyenne Super 10 Coca Cola Squarebody is very popular and can be purchased at Diecast Republic. 

Collectors appreciate that they can buy Matchbox toy cars such as the Premium Henry J. Gasser or the VW Concept Car.

Diecast Republic carries 1/64th scale diecast toy cars and vehicles. Toy Car Collectors will like that they can buy Hot Wheels new releases and their favorite diecast brands such as M2 Machines and Auto World. Diecast Republic also sells rare, vintage, and unique diecast pieces from Green Light and Matchbox.