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Diecast enthusiasts throughout Texas give two thumbs up to the new diecast specialty shop, Diecast Republic, located in the heart of the Texas Hill Country in Spring Branch, Texas. 

Situated within the new District on 46 retail center north of San Antonio on state highway 46 between Boerne and New Braunfels, collectors will find thousands of diecast vehicles including brands such as Hot Wheels, Matchbox, M2 Machines, Green Light, Johnny Lightening, and Auto World.

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Diecast Republic Customer Reviews

Diecast Republic is definitely worth the trip! I bought a dozen pieces to add to my collection and the prices and selection are well worth it. The staff is very knowledgeable and friendly., and this store is owned by the founder of so of course, he knows his stuff! The District on 46 has a cool vibe and I can't wait until they add the car culture events like car shows and collector meet-ups. Nice job Diecast Republic I'll definitely be back.

Ramon Ramirez

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Visit A Hot Wheels Collectible Store Near San Antonio, Texas.

Are you looking to buy Hot Wheels diecast cars? Empty pegs got you down? Are you an avid collector of diecast cars and trucks? Do you appreciate the details of M2 Machines? Do you enjoy hunting for cool diecast castings? Are you excited to see Red Line and Convention Series Hot Wheels? How about the fun series by Johnny Lightning and Greenlight?  Diecast Republic is a diecast toy car and collectible shop  located north of San Antonio between Boerne and New Braunfels on State Highway 46 in Spring Branch, Texas. 

Diecast Republic offers a huge selection of diecast cars and trucks on our website. We ship Hot Wheels, and other diecast brands to all United States and Territories. 

Diecast toy car collectors find thousands of unique and rare Hot Wheels, M2 Machines, Green Light, Johnny Lightening, Auto World at Diecast Republic in The Texas Hill Country.

How to Drive to Diecast Republic from San Antonio, Texas: Diecast Republic is located in the far north area of the Greater San Antonio metroplex. From the Stone Oak area,  drive up highway 281 to Bulverde and take the exit for highway 46 going towards New Braunfels. Diecast Republic is located in The District on 46 approximately 4 miles to the west of 281 and sits on the north side of the highway. 

How to Drive to Diecast Republic from I-35, New Braunfels, Shertz and Garden Ridge area: Diecast Republic is located at 15000 Highway 46 Suite 300 Spring Branch, Texas on State Highway 46 north of the Garden Ridge/Davenport area.  Diecast Republic is only 15 minutes away from Natural Bridge Caverns and Wild Life Ranch.  

Collectors of Auto World and Johnny Lightening will also like shopping at Diecast Republic.