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Hot Wheels RLC Overdrive- A High Price to Get Over on Bots?

Its been a few weeks since the release of Mattel’s new membership add on for RLC members, Overdrive. This new addition has not gone without criticism and backlash. Many in the collector community are upset that they have to pay an additional membership fee rather than Mattel fixing the problem of bots with bot protection that many other retailers use. For those that aren’t aware, the Overdrive addition is a $99 yearly charge that gives you access to future RLC drops before others. With the add on, you will be given an update on future RLC releases up to 10 days in advance and be given the option to skip the drop should you choose. This is a great way to secure any upcoming RLC drop without having to worry about checking out come release day. For some of the older collectors who may struggle with small bot protection checkpoints like captchas, this seems like a decent idea. For the small percentage of people that took advantage of the RLC Overdrive addition, RLCs should be smooth sailing for the year. However, regular RLC members will now have an even harder time. With some RLC releases having production as low as 30000, having a service that eliminates a possible 10000 units before the drop does nothing for your chances of securing product come release day. This is especially impactful to those collectors outside of the US where Overdrive was not an option. Up to this point, Overdrive has worked for two releases, the Kawa-Bug-A Membership car and McLaren F1 RLC release. While both are readily available on the Mattel Creations site right now, regular RLC members, including one of our employees, had difficulty trying to check out the latest McLaren F1 RLC. While we aren’t sure what is causing the issue, if Mattel can’t reliably perform checkouts on less desirable items, the question becomes; What will happen on a highly anticipated release? With the rise in resellers and bot usage, Overdrive, although a pricey option, is a good option to secure all RLCs worry free. For those that did not take advantage of the program, good luck on future releases. Hopefully Mattel will not have any issues.

2024 Hot Wheels G Case Review

The 2024 Hot Wheels G case is here and we have a review for you guys. This has been in our opinion the best case of 2024 so far!

The first car on our list is the regular treasure hunt for the case, the draggin’ wagon. The car features a metal base, yellow rims, and yellow paint. The Treasure Hunt logo is featured on the side of the wagon. Next up we have the Mincraft Minecart. This car has been made in celebration of Minecraft’s 15 year anniversary! It features pixelated Minecraft graphics and a metal insert inside presumably to hold a figure of some sort. Next up we have the potential super for the G case, the Audi 90 Quattro. This car features a widebody stance and white rims. The Blue paint looks great even on the regular version. Audi Sport logos are shown throughout. This car looks very put together and we can’t wait to see the Super in hand! Usually recolors aren’t good enough to crack the top 5 of our case reviews, but the next two cars are changing that for the G case. The Nissan Skyline in the olive green looks great and to some even better than its purple predecessor. The red accents on the rims and number plate help give this car a unique look. Finally, the Honda Civic Si comes in with a new white paintjob. It keeps the same carbon fiber hood and red interior treatment as before. The gold rims add the perfect amount of bling to this already nice car. Overall, this car looks simple, clean, and will definitely be high on plenty of people’s lists this summer.

The second part of the G case also has some heavy hitters. First up, the BMW M3 Wagon comes in with an awesome BMW inspired white and Blue livery. The white painted hood gives it a look similar to the Audi from earlier. White rims and numerous brandings give this car an awesome look and we are sure this is another car that’ll be hard to find for awhile. Next up we have the ’52 Chevy in a white and green livery. This truck has a nice clean look that is sure to appeal to those who enjoy collecting the classics. The gold pinstriping and white rims help add to the classic look of this truck. The Hot Wheels Parts & Repairs emblem also has an old time feel to it. The third car we will look at is the Hirohata Merc. This Merc comes in a nice two-tone green colorway and features white rims and chrome interior. The chrome interior and detailing on the outside of the vehicle helps this car stand out. One of the better details is the rear tires being tucked behind the fender which gives an interesting look to this car. Up next, another recolor for the Porsche 911 Carrera. This car has been done in a few colors already but the red does give it a nice pop. Porsche and Carrera branding can be seen throughout the car. If the headlights had some better detailing this car would be amazing, but there isn’t much else to complain about. Finally, yet another recolor, but this time for the ’55 Chevy Bel Air Gasser “The Collector”. This car has been redone in a nice Maroon paint job that looks great. It maintains its collection of brands on the side of the car as well as the exhaust poking out from the front fender. The gold detailing throughout including the Hot Wheels flame on the top give this car a more complete look.

Overall, the G case is great and there were a few cars left that we could’ve talked about. When you include cars that roll over from the previous case including the Porsche keychain, you get a case that is outstanding. From an investment prospective, there are plenty of cars to choose from. The Super variant of the Audi will be sought after, but the mainline will do well also. The recolors of the Honda Civic and Skyline will also be good trade bait at very least. The BMW Wagon and Minecart are also cars that should do well! Keep your eyes peeled for this case when it comes out because most of these cars will surely fly off pegs!

Hot Wheels New Elite 64 Pandem Datsun 280ZX

The upcoming Hot Wheels Elite 64 release of the Pandem Datsun 280ZX will be on Friday, March 22 at 1PM. While the car looks great it is based on a real full scale car that was shown at SEMA in November of 2023. The car is Pandem/Rocket Bunny CEO Kei Miura’s personal build. The real version of this vehicle features an abundance of modifications that we hope will be visible on the Hot Wheels vehicle releasing soon. The real car was custom built for drifting and has taken on the nickname Formula Z. It features an 2JZ engine swap, a popular choice for many JDM vehicles these days. Pandem/Rocket Bunny also chose to move all the cooling for the vehicle to the trunk area behind the driver. Air is fed into the system from two duct that have been cut into the rear window panels on the car. A firewall has also been added between the cockpit and rear to prevent anything from potentially spilling onto the driver. The car is fitted with custom wheels and Toyo tires. Cutouts in the hood have also been added for additional function to the vehicles turbo system. Additionally, the rear spoiler of the car is bolted on and adds to the aesthetic of the car. The Formula Z sits extremely low to the ground with no noticeable wheel gap. Pictures of the car can be seen on Motortrends site here: Overall, this car was customized to the maximum and is definitely something we would see out of every JDM lovers dream. But how does the diecast model stack up to the real life example?

While we haven’t received the car to look at in hand, Mattel provides numerous photos on their site for us to be able to look through. Starting off with the livery, the model does a good job of mimicking its counterpart only missing a few sponsors. There is no Sunoco fuel logos on the model that are present on the hood and quarter panel of the real version. Toyo tire branding makes it way from the tires to the rear quarter panel. NGK spark plug decals have also been left out from the model vehicle. All Nissan, Hot Wheels, and Pandem/Rocket Bunny logos are present on the car.

The model car also maintains the covers on the headlights however the model is done with more of a smoked glass look. The yellow tow hook present on the real vehicle is also missing from the front of the model. The model does feature cutouts in the hood, but nothing visible can be seen coming out of them. No pictures are provided of the hood opening so until it is in hand we won’t know if the beautiful 2JZ engine can be seen on the model car. Also missing is the cutouts for the cooling system on the back window panels. The smoked glass is too hard to see through so we cannot tell if the cooling elements were added to the  rear of the vehicle. The model vehicle does feature negative camber wheels which is not something we typically see but works well with this car. Although the Elite 64 model may not have every minor aspect of its counterpart, overall it does a great job of portraying what this car is all about. Drift and JDM fans are sure to love this car and should pay close attention to the release.

Quacking into the History of Jeep Ducking

In a world of automotive culture, there exists a peculiar tradition known as “Jeep ducking.” While not as recognized as other automotive manners, such as waving to fellow Jeep drivers or the Jeep wave, this practice holds a special place in the hearts of Jeep enthusiasts worldwide. Originating from humble beginnings, Jeep ducking has evolved into a lighthearted and endearing custom that fosters camaraderie among Jeep owners.

The origins of Jeep ducking can be traced back to the early days of World War II. As the United States military deployed its robust fleet of Willys MB and Ford GPW vehicles, soldiers quickly formed a deep attachment to these rugged and versatile machines. Amidst the harsh realities of war, soldiers found solace and amusement in personalizing their Jeeps, often affixing makeshift mascots and ornaments to the front grille.

One such ornament that gained popularity among servicemen was the rubber duck. While the exact reason behind choosing a duck remains uncertain, theories suggest that it symbolized good luck or served as a whimsical reminder of home amidst the chaos of battlefields. Regardless of its initial significance, the rubber duck became an iconic fixture on many Jeeps, earning it the moniker “Jeep duck.”

After the war, as veterans returned home and civilian versions of Jeeps became available, the tradition of adorning Jeeps with rubber ducks persisted. However, it wasn’t until the latter half of the 20th century that Jeep ducking transformed into a social phenomenon. The modern iteration of Jeep ducking revolves around a simple yet delightful premise: Jeep owners leave rubber ducks on the vehicles of fellow Jeep enthusiasts, often accompanied by a note or a small token of goodwill. The act is spontaneous and driven by a sense of community, with participants taking delight in surprising strangers with a cheerful duck resting on their Jeep’s dashboard or tucked into a door handle.

Part of the charm of Jeep ducking lies in its unpredictability and inclusivity. Whether traversing city streets or navigating rugged off-road trails, Jeep owners never know when they might find a new quacking friend waiting to join them on their journey. In recent years, social media has played a significant role in popularizing Jeep ducking, with dedicated hashtags and online communities springing up to share ducking stories and photos. Enthusiasts swap tales of memorable ducking encounters and coordinate surprise duckings at Jeep gatherings and events.


Beyond its entertainment value, Jeep ducking embodies the spirit of camaraderie and goodwill that permeates the Jeep community. It serves as a reminder that, regardless of our differences, we can find joy in simple gestures of kindness and shared passions. In a world often marked by division and discord, Jeep ducking stands as a shining example of how a lighthearted tradition can bring people together, one rubber duck at a time. Take life a day at a time, be nice to people, and wrangle in all the ducks you can!

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