The 2024 Hot Wheels H case is here and we have a review for you guys. This has been our thoughts on the case so far!

  • The first car on our list is the Porsche 904 Carrera GTS. The car features a silver paint scheme with hits of blue on the hood stripe and number decals. The car has cutouts in the windows and what appear to be smoked headlight covers. A raised windshield wiper can also be seen on the windshield. Porsche branding can be seem on the front fender and Carrera GTS branding makes its way to the rear corner of the back. This car features a lot of small details that make it a nice Porsche for many collectors.
  • The next car to be featured out of the H case is the regular treasure hunt Purple Passion. This car features what appears to be a Spectrafrost Blue paint job with some plaid graphics all over the car. The car is part of the Hot Wheels Art Car series and features an “I” on the roof which will help spell a message once all the cars are together. The Purple Passion has a sweptback look to it and does not feature side windows. There is also a tail that is slightly separated from the rest of the car. There might be just enough room to slide this one onto a keychain for someone looking for an alternative to the coupe clip craze. The car also features dark blue wheels and a treasure hunt logo is visible towards the front of the fender.
  • The third car on our list is our potential Super Treasure Hunt, the Volvo P1800 Gasser. While the paint on the regular version leaves something to be desired, this car still has a few neat details. The car features a matte blue paint but the Spectraflame teal on the Super variant lend itself to more of a Richard Petty aesthetic. The car features grey 5-spoke wheels, chrome engine bay, and orange windows. The number 43 and “Lickety Split” decals are featured on the side. The car also features small tires in the front and large in the back giving it a drag racing profile. The Super Treasure Hunt variant will feature a Spectraflame paint scheme, pink windows, pink rims, and a pink TH logo on the front fender.
  • Our fourth car we will be taking a look at is the tooned Mazda RX-3. The car features an orange paint scheme with black 5-spoke wheels and black fender flares. The car also features some hard to see branding from Toyo tires, K&N, and Mazda. This car is another nice addition to the Hot Wheels Tooned series.
  • The last car we will be looking at for the first half of the 2024 Hot Wheels H case is the ’64 Chevy Chevelle SS. This car comes in a red paint scheme and features white stripes along the top of the vehicle and on the front fenders. The car features some nice small details like the door handle, key lock, and emblem on the front fender. The engine sticking out of the hood is also a nice touch.

The second half of the H case has few recolors and some interesting cars to look at.

  • The ’63 Studebaker is sure to be a hit with some collectors. The dark red and gold paint scheme give this truck a classic look. The side exhaust is also a nice touch to give this car a slightly modified look. The extra detail to the headlights and grill also set this car apart.
  • The next car we will look at is the King Kuda. This is another car from the Hot Wheels Art Car series and features a white and red scheme. The red wheels and windows go well with the red details on the car. The car features the Jack, King, Queen and Ace of Heart graphics around the vehicle. The Ace on the hood is a unique way of incorporating this car into the HW Art Car message.
  • The third car on our list is the recolor of the McLaren Solus GT. The car now comes in an orange paint scheme with black and yellow splatters surrounding the vehicle. The car is reminiscent of the painting “Free Form” by Jackson Pollock and I think it would be interesting for Hot Wheels to incorporate actual art pieces into their cars. The car brings a unique new look to the Hot Wheels mainline selection.
  • Our fourth car is the recolor of the ’15 Mazda MX-5 Miata. The new orange color is much brighter than the previous iteration. The car is still missing some of the headlight and tail light details that we like to see but the missing top and spoiler still give the car a nice silhouette.
  • The final car on our list is the recolor of the ’57 Jeep FC. The car now comes in a matte red finish and features a few stripes on the doors. The car maintains the tire in the bed and still has the same overall aesthetic that many collectors enjoyed.

Overall, the 2024 Hot Wheels H case brings some nice new cars to the mainline selection. This case will still be good to look for as it will contain the Olive Skyline and white Civic Si from the G case. From an investment perspective, cars to hold on to will be the regular treasure hunt and the Super treasure hunt. The white Civic will also be a nice car to stash for later.