The Hot Wheels 2024 J case is in and we have a quick review for you guys.

The second half of the J case gives a look at some new recolors and castings.

  • First up we have a recolor of the Custom ’68 Camaro. This car features a white and red paint scheme with smoke chrome accents. This car keeps the modded aesthetic we saw before and the white and red scheme with black rims and dark chrome look great. The Camaro also features some branding near the front quarter panel and a 68 graphic on the roof and doors.
  • The next car is an interesting casting, the “Mailed It” mail delivery van. The van features an exposed engine and Hot Wheels Postal Service decals. A graffiti “y” is also visible on the roof as this car is part of the HW Art Car series. Overall a great new fantasy casting.
  • The third car we will look at is a recolor from last year, the tooned 70 Dodge Charger. Nothing too special here with black paint and chrome rims, but the R/T and Red stripe decals are a great touch.
  • The fourth car we will look at is the Birthday Burner. The car is made to look like a giant piece of birthday cake with an engine peaking out of the front. The grill is meant to be the fork and we can just see our drivers head peak out of the top.
  • Finally, the fifth car we will look at is the Total Disposal garbage truck. The car is interesting and the front makes me think of Optimus Prime with a mustache. A Hot Wheels recycling decal is placed on the sides with a reminder to Recycle and Stay Green. The rear of the vehicle is slightly opened though it would’ve been nice to see some extra recyclable detailing.

Overall the Hot Wheels 2024 J case is on the lower end of the cases we’ve seen this year. It features more fantasy cars than real ones and that plays a large factor. From an investment side, finding a Super is nice but we don’t expect the Pajero to be the most expensive super this year. The Dodge Charger and RX-7 will be decent pickups but there isn’t much here to make money on. A few gems to be found but that’s about it. Have a fun time hunting these cars when they start to hit your local stores!